Who are we - Running for Melanoma in Norway 2020

Who are we

Tone Skajaa Rye is chair of the board and event manager for the race.

Tone was diagnosed with melanoma cancer stage 3 in April 2017. Her heart issue is what we eat and how we use our bodies. She believes melanoma has received too little attention in Norway. Early diagnosis and prevention provide the best prognosis.

Kristian Øye is a board member. He was diagnosed with melanoma cancer stage 4 late 2016 and is convinced that running contributes to his stabile disease.

He is very compassionate about both running and sun safety. Quote: «Skin cancer is so easy to prevent. Little effort – big difference.»

Ula is a board member and our front figure. She has melanoma cancer stage 4.

Ula hopes to see you on the starting line in Kristiansand – helping to spread awareness for melanoma cancer.

Mette Sørsdal is a board member. She was diagnosed with melanoma stage 4 summer of 2015. After two years treatment with immunotherapy, she is now living with stable disease.

Her motivation being part of arranging this race is to spread knowledge about this disease and raise awareness of sun protection. She has a huge engagement to get tanning beds banned in Norway. Her motto is: No tan is worth dying for!

Roald is a board member and full-time life enjoyer!

Diagnosed with Melanoma stage 2b in 2008 and is still “up running” as a long time melanoma survivor. Established the Norwegian Melanoma Patient Association in 2015 and was Director of Board and MD the first 3 years. Now active as Melanoma Patient Advocate in various cancer organizations, nationally and globally.



Do not hesitate to contact us no matter what question you might have.