Practical information - Running for Melanoma in Norway 2020

Practical information

Starting Number Pickup:

Starting number is collected in Tresse.

Friday, 8th of May, 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday, 9th of May, 9:00 – 11:00

Include ID. If you need to obtain the starting number for others, remember to include the person’s identification.

Parking time:

Kristiansand has many parking spaces, but most of them are taxed.

Start time:

12.00 10 km
12.10 5 km
12.20 3 km

For all distances we have time-tracking systems. Your time starts when you pass the starting line and stops by passing the finish line. Therefore, the first person over the finish line is not necessary the winner! There are no maximal use of time where you get disqualified, and there are no pace-holders.

Start and finish (goal):

All distances starts and ends in the park area Tresse.

Drinking stations and food:

We have one drinking station for 5 km and two drinking stations for 10 km. Water is served at all drinking stations.
Food can be purchased in Tresse.


The race is open for everybody, no timing in group 0-10 years old.

  • Class 1: 11-14 years
  • Class 2: 15-19 years
  • Class 3: 20-24 years
  • Class 4: 25-29 years
  • Class 5: 30-39 years
  • Class 6: 40-49 years
  • Class 7: 50-59 years
  • Class 8: 60-69 years
  • Class 9: Over 70 years

Classes are also divided by gender.


There are many toilets in the area. Participants will be informed of their availability during the event.


Safety is our focus during the race. There will be staff at the start / finish area as well as around the tracks. We allow music in the ears during the competition.

How to get to Kristiansand:

You can drive a car and take a ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand – or you can take a direct flight from Amsterdam with KLM. Another option is to take a flight from Copenhagen.



Do not hesitate to contact us no matter what question you might have.