Kacie King - Running for Melanoma in Norway 2020

Kacie King

I am Kacie King and live in Belgium.

In 2003 I moved from the USA to Belgium. I started running as a way to stay fit and to keep myself from feeling homesick.

Over the next few years running became part of my daily routine and I was running up to 10 km a day.

I felt better than ever and never gave my health a thought, until 2014 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma. Cancer is not something anyone is ever prepared to have. It comes over you like a wave on the beach that knocks you off your feet and tries to drag you out to sea.

You find yourself visiting doctors and hospitals instead of running everyday. I received several immunotherapies and radiation treatment for tumors in my liver and bones, but I am lucky to live in Belgium and had all the latest treatments available to me.

However, not everyone in the European Union is so lucky. There are countries, which do not offer the same life saving treatments and people die because of where they live. I helped start a melanoma patient organization in Belgium, Melanoompunt, and participate with MPNE Melanoma Patient Network Europe, which helps melanoma advocates all over Europe get and share information about the latest treatments for melanoma.

Last year I ran a half marathon in Riga, Latvia for Soli Prieksa Melanomai and this year Running for Melanoma in Norway.

Cancer knows no borders; cancer treatments shouldn’t either!

I hope to see you at the starting line in Kristiansand – helping to spread awareness for melanoma cancer.

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