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Why are we running for melanoma in Norway?

Running for Melanoma is an association that arranges a Melanoma race - with the purpose to focus on melanoma. The race will take place in Kristiansand 9th of May 2020. The race is for everyone who signs up and it is possible to run distances of 3, 5 or 10 kilometres, with or without timing. Start and goal will be in the park Tresse. Our profit from the race will go to research and projects that can prevent melanoma.

This is our first event. We will most likely arrange other events like this in the future, both in Kristiansand and other Norwegian cities.

Our focus
We want to rice the attention and awareness about melanoma and give knowledge about the disease, which is the worst type of skin cancer. Many people are unaware of the dangers of excessive sunbathing and are unaware of the signs of melanoma.

Most cases of skin cancer can be prevented with good sun habits. Proper use of high factor sunscreen, cover up, take breaks from the sun in the middle of the day and avoid tanning beds.

Norway are at the top both by occurrence of new cases and by the mortality of melanoma, and its the cancer type that increases the most in Norway. We want to focus on importance of good sun habits and by early detection which leads to removing suspicious moles as early as possible. Several studies also show a clear link between physical activity and cancer in general.

Who can join us:
Patients, helpers, supporters, scientists, doctors, nurses – everybody – sign up!

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Running for the cause of my life

Ula is a mother of 2 and one of our board members. She has melanoma cancer stage 4 and had to remove half of her lung two years ago.

She has always been fond of sunbathing and the cancer is most likely a result of too much UV radiation in her youth. Ula wants to remind us all to avoid tanning beds and to protect our skin from too much sunbathing.

She has some breathing problems due to less lung capacity, but knows that exercise gives greater breathing volume and can prevent relapse. She therefore exercises several times a week - both strength, dance and running.

Ula hope to see you at the starting line in Kristiansand - helping to spread awareness for melanoma cancer.

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Race Director: Tone Skajaa Rye

Phone: +47 90608013


Org. nr.: 923 834 346



Do not hesitate to contact us no matter what question you might have.